Soccer Glossary & Terms

Soccer Glossary & TermsIf you are a new player who enters the world of online betting, you should know that there are a lot of terms to learn.

Soccer Glossary & Terms: You should spend some time to read what these terminologies mean. It will be much easier for you to deal serious with your bets.This will generally give you the knowledge to understand any kind of special bets and more. Below is a complete sport and football betting glossary, so you can refer to it whenever you have a question. Combined with our daily tips you should get a complete picture of the bets you make.

This dictionary covers the most important definitions for sports bets terms. Also the appropriate words or phrases for gambling acronyms.

If you came across a term that is not listed here, contact us and we will add it along with the necessary information.

A in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Accumulator (Long term bet)

    : Is a bet in which the player combines two or more events on the same coupon. The player will win the bet if all events are successful.

  • Ante post

    : Such a bet can be the champion of a tournament. The player can place an Ante post bet even months before the final result of the event.

  • Asian Handicap

    : It’s a special bet that allows an advantage of goals before the match starts. For example: If there is an advantage of +1 goal for the away team, the home team must win by at least 2 goals difference (2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 3-0 etc.). If there is a draw, the player get back his stake. More detailed information on our Asian handicap guide.

  • Arbitrage

    : It’s a bet on an event which ensures secure profit. The player may have a sure profit, by appropriately combining the odds of the market, regardless of the final outcome of the event. Example: On a football match between Arsenal and Liverpool, a player can find Arsenal to win at 2.10 odds on bookmaker A and Liverpool to win at 2.25 odds on bookmaker B. If the player bets an amount of money at both wins, will have a guaranteed profit, regardless if Arsenal or Liverpool win.

B in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Banker (Bet)

    : Banker (or Bank) is one or more standard bets that have been played in a combo bet. If the ‘Banker’ lost in a combo (or at least one of the Banks), the player losses the entire coupon.

  • Betting exchange

    : Bets without the mediation of a Bookmaker. A player does not buy an odd for a match from a Bookmaker, but from another player who can offer better odds for this match. Essentially, it’s the feature that some companies offer, where the player becomes a bookmaker.

  • Betting limits

    : Are the limits within a player can bet. These limits are determined by the Bookmaker, which determines the minimum and the maximum bet on each wager.

  • Bookings (Total cards)

    : It’s a special bet in which the player predicts if the sum of red/yellow cards in a match are greater or less than the limit set by the Bookmaker.

  • Bookmaker

    : Also called ‘bookie’. Is the one who generate odds on events and then accept bets on those events.

C in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Canadian

    : Also known as Super Yankee. It’s a system that includes 5 options. This system creates 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and an accumulator. The player must be successful in at least 2 of his selections in order to get a return.

  • Chalk

    : Also known as ‘Favorite’. It’s the team with the lowest odd in one event.

  • Clean Sheet

    : A special bet in which the player bets if a team will accept or not any number of goals during a match.

  • Correct Score

    : A special bet where the player bets on the final result of a match.

D in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Dog

    : Also known as ‘Underdog’. The team which have the highest odd and is relatively difficult or impossible to win.

  • Decimal Odds

    : Are the decimal odds that used mostly in Europe, with a formula of 1.50, 1.60, 2.30. To calculate a player’s net profit, you should multiply the odd of the event with the stake, and then remove the original bet stake.

  • Double Chance

    : With this kind of bet, the player predicts the 2 of 3 possible outcomes of an event (Example: At a football match between Juventus and Milan, the player can bet on 1X if he believes that Milan will not win).

  • Doubles

    : A bet consisting of two selections. Both of them must be won for success.

  • : A special bet where the player bets on a home or away team. If the result is a draw, the player gets back his stake (1.00 odd).

E in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • European Handicap

    : A bet in which one team has full advantage relative to the opponent. There are three possible outcomes, unlike the Asian handicap.

  • Exposure

    : The maximum amount of money a sportsbook can afford to lose in a particular match.

  • Even Money

    : Is a bet with 2.00 odds. It’s named like this because returns a profit equal to the stake.

  • Each Way

    : A kind of bet that we usually meet on horses but also to some soccer events. Example: We bet 10 Euro on Horse A to win the race. In fact, the bet consist of 5 euros to finish in first place and another 5 to finish in the top three. Corresponding rules apply to other Each way bets.

F in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Favorite

    : The team with the lowest odds in a match and is assumed to prevail. Also known as ‘Chalk’.

  • First Goal (First team to score)

    : A special bet in which the player predict which team will score first, regardless of the final score.

  • First Goal Minute

    : Special bet in which the player predicts the exact time of the first goal in a match, regardless of the team.

  • First Half bet

    : A bet in which the player bets the result of the first half of a match.

  • Fixed Odds

    : Odds that concerning an event and determine how much profit can occur if the bet won.

  • Fractional Odds

    : Odds that usually used from British Bookmakers. An example of these kind of odds is: 2/3. The net profit is calculated by multiplying the odd with the stake.

G in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Goliath

    : A system in which the player makes 8 selections. It creates one accumulator, 8 seven-folds, 28 six-folds, 56 five-folds, 70 four-folds, 56 trebles and 28 doubles. To win, a player should be successful at least in 2 of the selected matches.

H in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Half time / Full time

    : A special type of bet in which the player is required to match the result of a match at half-time, and also the final result.

  • Handicap

    : Is the lead given to one team. It’s given by sportsbooks, usually to teams which showing much better performance in relation to the opponent, in order to offer better odds. Example: In a match between Brazil and Finland, a sportsbook can offer a Handicap 0:2 to Finland. This means that in order to be considered as an ace, Brazil must win by 3 or more goals.

  • Head to Head

    : A bet used on many sports events in which the player predicts between two participants (player or team) who will finish at the highest position.

  • Hedging

    : The bet on the opposite result, in relation to the initial bet that placed from a player. Thereby, the amount that a player can lose is reduced, if his initial bet will not confirmed.

  • Heinz

    : A system in which the player makes 6 selections. It creates an accumulator, 6 five-folds, 15 four-folds, 20 trebles and 15 doubles. 2 of selections must be successful in order to win.

I-L in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Lay

    : Used in exchanges and is the offered odd on a match from one player to another.

  • Live Betting

    : A bet during a match. A sportsbook offers odds on events related to the match. The odds are vary and changing throughout the duration of a match.

  • Lucky 15

    : System in which the player selects five matches. Creates one four-fold, 4 trebles, 6 doubles and 4 singles. To win, the player must be successful at 1 of the selected matches.

M in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Mobile Betting

    : A feature that bookmakers give to their players, to place their bets via mobile phones.

  • Money Line

    : Refers to American odds. The bookmaker offers odds of a different form. They display the amount needed to bet to win $100, or how much can someone win, if he will bet $100.

  • Multi corner

    : Bet in which the player predicts if the summary of corners made in the first and second half, exceeding the limit set by the bookie.

N in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • No offer

    : A condition in which the Sportsbook cannot offer odds for an event.

  • Non Runner

    : When a participant has registered to run in a race and eventually not run.

O in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Odds

    : The odds for an event. They determine the profit that can occur if the bet won. There are three types of odds: Decimal, fractional and American.

  • Outcome

    : The result of a match.

  • Outsider

    : The team or the athlete which has the minimum possibilities to win. That’s why the odds for this selection are higher.

  • Over / Under

    : A bet in which the player chooses if the number of goals scored in a match will be more or less than the limit set by the Bookmaker. The most common football bet is the Over / Under 2.5 Goals. For more information, read our article about Over / Under.

  • Overlay

    : A selection which the player believes that the chances of it’s verification are greater than the odds given by the Bookmaker.

P in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Patent

    : A system in which the player chooses 3 selections. Creates one treble, 3 doubles and 3 singles. A minimum of 1 selection must be successful for the player to win.

  • Postponed Match

    : An abandoned match (example: due to heavy rain). In such cases, a Bookmaker implements its own policies. Some bookmakers calculate this match as a single unit of 1.00, while others await the replay of the match in the next few days.

  • Push

    : The Return of the stake due to the cancellation of an event or draw.

  • Point Spread

    : The predicted score difference between two teams as given by a bookmaker.

S in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Score bet

    : A special bet in which the player predicts the final result and the first or last goal scorer in a match.

  • Special bets

    : Advanced bets relating to any sport event

  • Stake

    : The amount a player bets on a match.

  • Sure bet

    : A standard bet that ensures winning profit for the player. This can be done by an appropriate combination of odds.

  • Super Heinz

    : System in which the player selects 7 matches. Creates a 7 six-folds, 21 five-folds, 35 four-folds, 35 trebles and 21 doubles. To win, the player must be successful at 2 of the selected matches.

T-U in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Three way

    : A bet which has 3 possible outcomes.

  • Trebles

    : A bet which consists of a combination of three selections.

  • Tipster

    : People who give tips and advices.

  • Total Points number

    : Bet that usually placed on basketball games and the player predicts if the total number of points achieved, will exceed or not the limit set by the bookmaker.

  • Under

    : A bet in which the player chooses if the number of goals scored in a match will less than the limit set by the Bookmaker.

V-Y in Soccer Glossary & Terms

  • Value bet

    : A bet where the player believes that the odds of a match is much higher than it should be.

  • Yankee

    : A system in which the player makes 4 selections. It creates 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator. To win, at least 2 of the selections must be successful.


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