All you need to Know about Champions League quarter-final draw

Champions League quarter-final draw: With the first round of the Champions League knockout stages complete, thoughts begin to turn towards the quarter-finals.

Eight teams will advance on the road to Madrid, where this year’s final will be held at Atletico’s Wanda Metropolitano on June 1.

Those eight will have their entire path to glory mapped out at the same time, with the tournament being divided into two brackets from here on in, meaning sides will also know their potential semi-final opponents.

When is it?

The draw for the Champions League quarter-final will take place on March 15 , with events scheduled to get started at 11am GMT 6am ET ).

Where is it?

The draw will take place at Uefa’s Swiss headquarters in Nyon.

Who is in the draw?

Man Utd
FC Porto
Manchester City

When are the Champions League quarter-finals?

The Champions League quarter-final ties will be contested in April, which means teams will have roughly a month to prepare.

The first legs of the last eight are scheduled for April 9 and 10 , with the second legsdue to be played a week later on April 16 and 17 .


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